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Himalayajuu is an established company in Bhutan that provides a high quality of cordyceps collected from the high and pristine mountains of Tashi Yangtse, Laya, Wangdue, Paro etc. Well known as the Brown Gold in Asia for its rarety this mushroom hides excellent benefits for a strong physical body and clear mind.

The Vision of Himalayajuu remains in these statements:

Bring you the experience of our finest products to enhance your Health & Well Being by choosing the best organic products in an eco-friendly manner

Sharing some knowledge about how to protect and enhance your physical body and mind.

Our Approach​

Quality and safety first: 100% Natural

Quality and safety is our first priority. We select the top of the quality of cordyceps from Bhutan so you don’t need to be worry if they are 100% organic or not, they just are!

Products that help and add value​

We only market products that we have seen work and help many people which is such a value. It’s that simple!

Approved by ancestral and traditional medicine from all Asia and the scientist community​

We promote our products based on the guidelines of the Traditional and Ancient Chinese Medicine and the studies from researchers.

Service matters​

As a national and international exporter we know that our success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our customers, therefore we aim to offer an exceptional service and always listen and care about our customers’s needs.

Sharing knowledge​

Without understanding the role and aspect of the body and mind there are little chance to be completely healthy and happy at the same time. Sharing few information about how to take care of the body & mind is a gift that our company is humbly to offer you

Cordyceps & Research

Over the last few decades the scientist community brings such an interest in its adaptogen and immunosupportive properties also antiviral. Indeed, Cordyceps are considered to be a medicinal mushroom that increase energy, stimulate the immune system, and act as a global tonic to the body.

The research has found that cordyceps has a interesting impact on the whole body itself as its benefits remain in the few of helpful constituents found such as :

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help lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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are essential for healthy nutrition. They manifest as complex carbohydrates which serve as the body’s main source of fuel. Known to stabilize blood pressure, have an effect on free radicals and stimulate the immune system.

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are organic molecules that are converted into building blocks of the genetic material DNA and RNA. Found to improve and boost the immune system and repair the cells of liver and gut.

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are chemical messenger molecules that regulate the body functions such as breathing, heartbeat, digestion and circulation. Give energy and support the metabolism.

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are similar in composition as adenosines are believed to have a potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

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Others compositions are also found in the Cordyceps Sinensis like vitamines E, K, B1, B2, B12, minerals, trace elements such as iron, selenium, manganese, zink, copper, calcium, magnesium, also proteins, fatty acids

World Leading Mushroom Scientist Paul Stamets

‘’We are now discovering that we are more powerful against flu and herpes. Now, mushrooms have other properties which are interesting. There is a group of Cordyceps mushrooms known as intimata pathogenic fungi. Fungi kill insects. Insects go through soils and Cordyceps are a source of cyclosporine. Moreover, just recently, the FDA approved Novartis for a new anti MS drug called Qi Lenya which is predicted to be one of the most profitable commercially produced drugs in the history of medicine. But Cordyceps are a mold which has a mold stage within. They are two faces of the same organ. This is a profound implication for diseases control from malaria to yellow fever and the West Nile Virus. So, what can we do? There’s a lot that we can do. We can now control disease vectors and zoonotic diseases carried by insects across landscapes, since so many insects and arthropods vectors diseases like H5N1 are carried by bird flies, which most of you may not know. 


This is not widely reported but because of climate change, subtropical diseases are now entering into temperate zones. Being able to control zoonotic pathogens will have a positive impact on helping habitats and humans dwelling within those habitats. Moreover, insects and arthropods now transmit diseases that afflict humans and plants, so the implications of this discovery is absolutely enormous.’’ (-Paul Stamets)

Natural ones vs Laboratory Cordyceps

Cordyceps Sinensis
Cordyceps Militaris

You may find on the market some cordyceps called CS-4 which is a complex and unnatural process to be grown. The growing of these types of cordyceps started first in the 80’s.

CS-4 refered to cordyceps grown in laboratories and not collected in nature. CS-4 cordyceps are developp in a liquid that contains certain levels of carbon, nitrogen, and other nutrients.

Next we have Cordyceps militaris grown on grains or soybeans substrate. They are grown to extract the mycelium or fungus. Some are developed in large plastic bags with a sterile substrate.

There is also another kind of cordyceps called Cordyceps mycelium that are also grown on rice and other grains but sometimes fulled of pesticides.

Last ones are Cordyceps Sinensis promoted by our company Himalajuu which are 100% organic as they grow in pure and pristine environnement. Their quality and properties can not be compared with the cordyceps made from laboratory as mentioned above

Himalaya Juu Cordyceps


Our logo has been inspired by the theory of the yin and yang which is a key health concept in ancestral Chinese medicine. The philosophy of Yin and Yang appeared with the Chinese Thinker Zou Yan in the 3rd century, BC. The Yin Yang theory will have an impact on the development of Taoism in Asia but also on sciences. The explanations of the symbol of Yin /Yang is found in one of the oldest books of Chinese Medicine, the Huangdi Nei Jing Suwen.


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