Tips to take care of our Body & Mind

According to Ancient Chinese Medecine Autumn is the best season to enhance Lungs and big large intestine channels/meridians as they are associated to Autumn Season / Metal Element etc… During autumn we take a special attention to them as they are the most vulnerable in the fall but can also be enhanced efficiently during this season. 

Emotionally Lungs (Yin) refers to : 

  • Grief, sadness and depression (the Qi energy can stagnate the lung meridian).
  •  Attachment, difficulty to let it go can also stuck the lung Qi energy. 

When Lungs Qi energy flows one can experience a sens of : 

  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Positive self image
  • Allowing joy & inner peace regardless circumstances.

Emotionally the Big large intestine Qi energy refers to: 

  • Stuborness 
  • Negative outlook
  • Stagnation, like constipation. 

When the energy of the big large instestine flows it brings : 

  • Sens of calm and relaxation
  • Flowing with shortcomings of life 
  • Release the tightness in mind.

To make the Lungs Qi energy flows let’s have some daily walks in nature and breath deeply the fresh air in order to bring the Autumn Qi energy inside the whole body. The Lung Qi energy will then flow smoothly in its channel. By doing so it will surely bring a sens of calmness like sitting meditation. StayBreath harmoniovulsy, calmly with kindness to yourself and others. 


Another way to protect our immune system beside taking super foods like cordyceps etc..is to take care of our Mind. How can we take care of our Mind ? By letting our mind at ease being calm and stable. It’s possible to anyone to experience this sens of well-being through meditation for instance. From a calm and relaxed mind we can develop a sens of calmness and joyfulness that are not depending on material World. Doing so all part of our body will be more relaxed, our energy will flow better and more happiness and trust in our true nature will arise from within. 


By being happy for sure our immune system will be more protected. What to eat in Autumn ? According to Ancient Chinese Medicine the flavor of Fall is pungent and should be balanced with sour flavor. During this period of time it is recommanded to eat apples, pears, grappfruits (cooked will be better), walnuts, chesnuts, olives, miso, tempeh, fermented foods, pickles.. For the spices add in your meals black pepper, chili, cardamon, cinnamon, turmeric, rosemary, and vinegar (apple cider). Don’t miss cooked/steamed green vegetables in your meal adding sweet potatoes, horseradish, carots, pumpkins, millet, brown rice. Avoid salads, cold meals please ! Also among the autumnal vegetables how can we miss the Mushrooms that grow throughout the year but are plentyful in Fall. There are much more full of fungus at this time of the year. 


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