Well known as the "Brown Gold" the legendary Cordyceps Sinensis provide surprising benefits to the body, both physically and intellectually. According to the research and experiments its real effectiveness are very impressive.

Resistance to fatigue, stress and depression

As a powerful adaptogen cordyceps help the body to resist to stress in general. Less anxious and less anxious !!!! Indeed, the consumer tolerates much more fatigue.

Excellent to support the chronic stress and overwork, the active ingredients of cordyceps help to balance the nervous system and reduce all sensations of fear, anxiety, depression. It is the ultimate dietary compliment for well-being as it gives courage, restore taste to life and prepare the whole body to face all situations, good or bad, ups and downs.

Immune System

Cordyceps Sinenis are considered as a Superfood fulled of proteins, polysaccharides, minerals, vitamines etc… that supports amazingly our body by quickly reinforcing its vitality.

It also contains some cordycepines that support the production of lymphocytes, which are cell killers protecting our immune system. It has the capacity to stimulate the recovering defenses as well as rapidly boosting our immune system.

Cordyceps are also considered to be a good booster for our intestinal immune system, which contains 70% of immune cells.
What an interesting action for our intestines, isn’t it !

Protection of the Liver, Lungs and Kidneys

Cordyceps has a positive effect on some emunctory organs, including the liver, lungs and kidneys. Indeed, it has been used to treat unbalanced liver disease. In order to verify the real action of this fungus, tests carried out in 2003 on rats showed that cordyceps protect the liver against the onset of cirrhosis. 

Cordyceps thus work and are used to treat a few types of  liver diseases such as fatty liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver, viral hepatitis and hepatic fibrosis.

In addition, Cordyceps protects the lungs by a better oxygen level. In fact, in a research carried out on mice which was isolated in an environment with a very low level of oxygen and fed with cordyceps, the scientists noticed that they were able to use oxygen effectively, and support better acidosis and hypoxia. They even lived 2 to 3 times longer than the control group of mice.


Cordyceps also provides a big relief for asthmatic patients. In fact, by inhibiting the contraction of the trachea, it increases the flow of air to the lungs.

How about the kidneys ?

 Cordyceps protect and support the kidneys against toxic effects of certain drugs. It also stimulate and boost the kidney function. Cordyceps could also be used to limit the risk of complications following a kidney transplantation.  Further more interesting information will be detailed according to Ancient Chinese Medicine.

Anti-cancer action

Thanks to the presence of cordycepin (3-deoxyadenosine), Cordyceps Sinensis could be useful to support treatments of cancer. Indeed, a British study concluded that cordyceps have a beneficial effect against some forms of cancer cells. Indeed, even taken at low doses it would be able to slow down the cells growth. In high doses, cordycepines would have the effect to reduce and stop the spread of the tumor by preventing tumor development cells to other tissues.

Regulation of blood circulation

Cordyceps sinensis are known to have beneficial effects on the blood circulation as it increases the level of oxygen in the blood, which makes circulation easier. By reducing the level of LDL, or bad cholesterol and increasing the level of the good HDL cholesterol, cordyceps help to improve and maintain an excellent cardiovascular health and Heart.

Improved sexual function

By acting positively on the sex glands, cordyceps are famous with its positive results for men suffering from impotence or having erectile problems.
For women this fungus also helps to reduce painful periods and ease symptoms of menopause.

Strengthening physical performance

Cordyceps is known to increase physical capacity and endurance. Very popular among the athletes, this fungus helps to recover quickly after physical exercises and  increase muscles strength.

Detoxification of the body

Cordyceps purifies the body by allowing a better elimination of the toxins, wastes and acids through the lungs, intestines and kidneys.


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